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DECODEN,Neo Japanesque

DecoDen emerged from the Japanese pop culture scene as a for people to personalize electronic devices and make their own.
DecoDen combines the paint, colored crystal to form mosaic like designs. By combining the highest quality materials and fun, cute designs it has captivated the imagination of Japanese girls everywhere.
Although this form of personalization is gear more towards a younger demographic, it embodies the design aesthetic and attention to detail that has made products from Japan world renowned. Japanese have a old word for this idea WA, which means harmony, peace, balance.

DecoDen truly represents this ancient tradition and brings it into the modern world, it truly Neo Japanesque.


Decoden, it became really popular in Japan in 2004.
These items are used for the young girls to show off their own fashion identities and philosophy through their own creative designs.
Nowadays, people in all age and gender uses crystal decorated computer, headphones, and small items to carry as part of their fashion.

Possibility of crystal decorate designs are infinity.
Simple to cute or extreme designs always available depends on the occasion.

Decoden craft only uses high quality real svalowski crystal, and we will bring your idea to the reality using those beautiful crystals.
We will discuss all the detail of design with you, and create something that exist only for you.

We make everything CUSTOM MADE. Therefore, you can make something that no one can get in the world.

Anytime anywhere in the world, this little sparkle from the crystals will bring you a happiness in your everyday life.
These lovely items will help spice up your day, and bring your own little happiness into your life...
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