Custome made swarovski crystal jewelry phone case or fashion items for your and special someone

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Ayano Shiraishi
-CPO,Chief Product Officer

My first experience of making Deco Den was when I was in jr High. Since then I started to decorate everything around me with crystals.
After graduating from high school in Japan, I went to school in US.
During my time in college, my friend and friend's friends start to ask me to decorate their items with crystal. After while, I decided to go back to Japan to learn professinal skill, and got a licence. 2010, Me and my sister established a company call Decoden Shop NY. We are taking order for any kind of custome made crystal item no matter how big or small it is.

All are custom-made.
Feel free with mail.
Please inquire.

Sayaka Shiraishi
Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from High school in Japan. I went to college in North California.
I lerned general education and art at community college, and stansfered UCSB. I do a basic designing for bigger items, and doing marketing and product sales and management for our company.
Aya Ito
Chief designer

I like sparkely things from long ago.
I graduated from university in Japan, and came to US to get another B.A in US.
I got completely fascinated by the beautiful shine of Svarowski crystals, and went back to Japan to get a license for crystal decoration.
There are still a lot to learn such as balance of color and composion for design etc. I'm enjoying everyday to make my skill better and better.

Chief Executive Officer

Finance and management position.
Mother of two sisters.
Main work is cooking and house hold work in general.
Cat entertainmente Officer
The entertainer of our company and mascot character.
Her special skill is sleep and eat evryday.
She is a girl, but the name is boy's name "Kojiro"
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