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All are custom-made.
Feel free with mail.
Please inquire.

Lately, a lot of our clients are very knowledgeable on colors and types of crystals. They might already ordered something in Japan before, but those clients usually have exact idea on what they want. They have clear idea of the designs they want, and colors they want.
In these cases, we can decide everything pretty quickly, and start making an item right away, so they can have what they want as soon as possible.

However, in reality, there are more clients who doesn't have clear image of what they really want.
Usually, we provide a lot of designs from sample items or magazine or nail magazine, so they can decide what kind of direction they want to go.
We are trying our best to discuss what kind of designs Client have in their head, and what kind of color they like and so on, so we can bring what they really want to the reality.

For the color of crystals, there are five type of different color just for green.
We show the actual color of stones, and ask them what they like.
Sometimes, people ask "Do-as-you-want," but this is the hardest request for all of us. lol

The reason is, even if they say "anything is Okay," there are some preferences.
Most of the lady likes cute girly design using a lot of pink.
However, My phone case and ipod are covered with black crystals with scull design.

It will be a big problem if client with princess preference got punk design items, so we take most of the time talking to client to figure out what they really really like in their mind.

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